I am not currently teaching any courses. Materials available here are for reference only.

Mannheim E563 - Masters - Game Theory (Spring 2015)

  • This course provides a thorough treatment of game theoretic tools used to analyse strategic interactions.
  • We will cover the key components of game theory and solution concepts in static and dynamic games as well as games of perfect and imperfect information.
  • The course discusses models in various areas of application, including bargaining, industrial organisation.
  • Course ILIAS Website for students: (link)

Mannheim Bachelor Seminar Social and Economic Networks (Fall 2014)

  • The seminar provides an introduction to the study of social and economic networks, a relatively new and very active field of economic research with a distinct interdisciplinary outlook. We discuss various social and economic networks and techniques to analyse them.
  • The course further covers basic models of network formation and the implications of network structure on economic activity, such as the spread of information in networks and the functioning of networked markets.
  • Course outline (Updated, 11 Sep 2014) (PDF)
  • Lecture slides (New version, 22 Sep 2014) (PDF)